Have You Ever Reviewed Your Pension?

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Have You Ever Reviewed Your Pension?

Have you got a pension? Are you saving for when you retire? Is your pension pot on track to provide you a comfortable income when you retire? Have you ever reviewed your pension? When you started saving to your pension you were probably asked where you wanted to invest your contributions. As you get older and your retirement date moves ever closer, you would probably want to change your investments to reduce the risk that they are exposed to. Elliot Fletcher Ltd are specialists in Retirement Planning and can help ensure that your pension investments are right for you.

Have You Ever Reviewed Your Pension?

Where is my pension invested?

If you have a personal pension, a stakeholder pension or a workplace pension, you will have had the decision as to where your money is invested. If you don’t remember doing this then your money will have been invested in a “default” fund. You should have been asked about your “attitude to risk”, establishing the markets and companies your money is invested in according to your feelings towards how “safe” you want your investments to be. You will be receiving regular updates on how your pension is performing AND where your investments lie. Your pension adviser will be able to review your pension pot performance and detail where and how your money is invested. If your current adviser is NOT offering this service then ask the question to them.

Have You Ever Reviewed Your Pension?

Elliot Fletcher Pension Review

If you have a mature pension fund and other investments, Elliot Fletcher Ltd can help you to review the performance of your investments and help you to re-evaluate your risk as you approach pension age. The value of shares can go up and down and this volatility can have dramatic effects on the amount of money available to you. By changing where your “pot” is invested, can reduce this uncertainty and help prevent big changes in value of your investments. The team at Elliot Fletcher will help you understand your options and manage the changes for you.

Have You Ever Reviewed Your Pension?

Elliot Fletcher Limited

Elliot Fletcher Limited are a Liverpool based team of Independent Financial Advisors who are dedicated to building, preserving and increasing their client’s wealth. They provide impartial, un-biased advice on the wide range of investment options available to you and they will give you the confidence to make the right decisions about your money. Have a look at their testimonials and contact them with full confidence.

Have you ever reviewed your pension? If you have savings, investments or a pension, or if you are looking to start or move any of these, then give the Elliot Fletcher Team a ring and have a no-obligation consultation and review with them.

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Have you ever reviewed your pension?

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