Pension Help – Choosing an IFA

19th February 2018 By Mark 0

You may already be saving into a Pension Scheme. Perhaps you are considering starting your own scheme or reinvesting in a different area to enhance the performance of your money. If you need pension help – choosing an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor can be a difficult choice.

Pension Help – Choosing an IFA

IFA’s are authorised to give you advice and recommendations with regards to a wide range of financial products that may be available to you. However, there are many things that you should consider when choosing an Independent Financial Advisor. These may include:

  • Check whether the IFA is independent or restricted to providing a set range of products
  • What are their qualifications and do they reflect the advice you are seeking
  • Will you retain the same advisor, or will you be passed onto different people within the business?
  • Who are they regulated by
  • What is their fee structure, commission, fees or a combination?
  • Make sure that you understand how much the IFA will charge initially and throughout the plan
  • Is their advice personal to you or a corporate planning model?
  • How often do they review and rebalance your investments?
  • Is the Financial Advisor authorised to provide you with financial advice (Financial Conduct Authority Register – FCA)

Pension Help – Choosing an IFA

If you are looking for pension help – choosing an IFA such as Elliot Fletcher Ltd will ensure that all your worries and concerns are met. Specialising in post and pre-retirement planning, Elliot Fletcher Ltd has a long track record in helping clients achieve their objectives to provide target funds for their retirement and an income that matches their expectations.

Pension Help – Choosing an IFA

If you would like to have a no-obligation initial consultation with one of the team to secure your financial future with Elliot Fletcher Wealth Management, then please make contact directly to arrange an appointment, or to make any enquiry –

Telephone – 0151 709 2299

Pension Help – Choosing an IFA


Elliot Fletcher Limited is Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


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