Should I Move My Pension or Leave it Where It Is?

30th March 2017 By Mark 0

As the world deals with current political issues, they can have an impact on the financial markets. Not all of us are concerned by this and go about our daily lives without worrying about stock market values and global economic performance. But should we be concerned and take more interest? For those of us that have a pension or savings, perhaps we should pay a little more attention. So what should I do with my pension – Should I move my pension or leave it where it is?

Should I Move My Pension or Leave it Where It Is?

Several factors may influence you to move some or all of your pension fund. Your fund or “pension pot” is your future pension and a general rule of thumb is that the more value in the pot, the better pension when we retire.

Why would we want to move our pension?

  • You may be changing your job and you want to take your pension with you
  • You may want to move or transfer your fund to a better performing fund
  • You may want to amalgamate multiple pension funds and create one larger fund
  • You may be emigrating and need to transfer to your new home country
  • Possible other factors

Should I Move My Pension or Leave it Where It Is?


Your pension fund is critical for receiving an income during your retirement. How much income you receive will be dependent upon the history of your fund and the way you draw the income in retirement and at what age. With so much importance on maximising your funds’ performance it is essential that you take expert advice and guidance.

This may be the best advice and financial decision that you make.

Elliot Fletcher Limited are a team of Independent Financial Advisors who offer specialist pension and retirement planning.  Based in Liverpool they can help de-mystify what action should be taken with your pension funds. You will receive impartial, un-biased advice on the options available to you and they will give you the confidence to make the right decisions about your funds. See more on our Retirement Planning webpage.

Should I Move My Pension or Leave it Where It Is?

If you would like to meet an Elliot Fletcher Retirement Planning expert and have a have a no-obligation consultation with them, then please make contact directly to arrange an appointment,

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