What Should I Do with My Savings Now?

14th June 2017 By Mark 0

Brexit. Political uncertainty. Hung Parliaments. Coalition. General Elections. European unrest. Austerity. Stock Market fluctuations. Value of the pound. It is a confusing time politically and economically as the Country, Europe and the World swing in and out of different crisis situations. For those of us that have worked hard over the years and have savings, stocks and shares and pensions, what to do with these investments can be extremely worrying. Many people are asking the same question….What Should I Do with My Savings Now?

What Should I Do with My Savings Now?

Don’t panic and make misjudged decisions about your hard-earned money. Take advice from a registered Financial Advisor as they have years of combined knowledge and experience and can help you through what can often be a very difficult set of decisions. But how do you find a registered and trustworthy Financial Advisor?

What Should I Do with My Savings Now?

Ask around, friends, family, business contacts and ask for recommendations. You should also visit The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) website, an organisation that regulates over 56,000 businesses in the financial sector, ensuring that consumers get a fair deal by monitoring business honesty, fairness and integrity. It is always advisable to check whether your chosen advisor is registered with the FCA.

What Should I Do with My Savings Now?

Elliot Fletcher Limited are a Liverpool based team of Independent Financial Advisors who are dedicated to building, preserving and increasing their client’s wealth. They provide impartial, un-biased advice on the wide range of investment options available to you and they will give you the confidence to make the right decisions about your money. Have a look at their testimonials and contact them with full confidence.

What Should I Do with My Savings Now?

If you are asking yourself “What should I do with my savings now? Then give the Elliot Fletcher Team a ring and have a no-obligation consultation with them, then please make contact directly to arrange an appointment,

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